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Main features:
High performance sports floor - the top layer hardwood with 6 mm nominal face makes it really strong, able to easily stand a sanding; suitable for multi functional sports facilities and highly recommended for basketball.
Brief technical description:
Sports floor consisting of bottom layer made of plywood strips laid onto elastic mattress, top layer made of pre-finished engineered parquet elements. OAK wearing layer 6 mm thickness total thickness 49 mm.
Technical description:

The main steps of making the sports floor model TIRANO are:
- Laying of a polyethylene sheet - 0,20 mm thickness - as anti-steam barrier on the concrete.
- Laying of PUR elastic layer, 15 mm thickness, in order to make the floor uniformly resilient.
- Onto the mattress: laying of the bottom layer of the load distribution plate, 12 mm thickness made of plywood strips, diagonally to the parquet, distance between the strips 12 mm.
- Nailing of the engineered parquet elements, 22 mm thickness, wearing layer 6 mm thickness, oak or similar, with special T-shaped nails.
- Dust suction and removal with special antistatic tissues.
- Finishing protective treatment on the whole surface, by means of special polyurethane lacquer specific for sports use, highly resistant and anti slip.
- Game line marking with basketball and volleyball courts, line coloring according to the current requirements;
- If requested, laying of safety skirting board made of pre-lacquered wood, with specific grooves for ventilation and connections to the outer floor by means of steel, aluminum or wooden doorsteps.
Sports parquet floor - FIBA certified
EN 14904 Certification
EN 13501 Fire resistance Certificate
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