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Main features:
High-performance sports floor; 22 mm thickness solid wood is combined with the new Air Flex elastic pad, enhancing flexibility features of Hevea Rubber Wood. This model has been developed for professional competitions.

Brief technical description:
Sports floor consisting of upper wearing layer made of solid wood, 22 mm thickness, understructure made of continuous double plywood plates and Air Flex elastic pad. Total thickness 76 mm.

Technical description:
The main steps of making SOLID AIR-FLEX sports floor are the following:

• 0.15 mm thickness polyethylene rolls between concrete and structure
• Spring layer consisting of double plywood plates, 12 mm thickness each, total 24 mm
• Panels are stapled to each other
• "Air flex rubber cushion” elastic neoprene pad, 30 mm thickness, conic trapezoidal shaped, developed in order to ensure high flexibility; pads are stapled to the structure
• Top layer consisting of solid wood, 22 mm thickness, nailed to the spring layer by Tshaped nails
• Finishing with game line marking and colors on playground area according to the respective Federations’ Rules

• FIBA Approved Sports parquet floor
• EN 14904 Area Elastic Sports Floors Certification
• EN 13501 Fire reaction
• Product data sheet

Performance SOLID Performance SOLID Performance SOLID