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Seicom carries out the installation of parquet floors through its own technicians; in alternative we can provide our Customer with skilled craftsmanship or specialized supervisors to assist on site, as we often do abroad.
A proper installation, following our recommendations or relying on our skilled technicians, is definitely a guarantee of a long-life parquet floor.

Floor technicians

- Tools for the installation:
Sega circolare troncatrice Circular saw – possibility of a full cut 129 mm up to 190 mm and top shelf allowing cut adjustment on the battens during final steps of installation.
Compressore professionaleTubi per compressore Professional use compressor with manometer for exit pressure adjustment, including air pipe and connections.

Nailer and Stapler.     

Pistole sparachiodi
Rulli ed esempio di stesura del colore su pavimento sportivo in legno Rolls: width 50 cm e 5 cm
Example of coloring through rolls
Nastri e panni antistatici Tapes: width 20 e 50 mm
Anti-static dust gatherer tissues
- For lacquers and colors go to “SPECIAL COLORS AND LACQUER” section
- Minor repairs:
Colla FUL GAP Besides ordinary glues we recommend this product to solve possible problems or quick repairs.
FULL GAP is a polyacrylate based sealer, recoatable, solvent and silicone free, highly adhesive and water resistant. Thank to its specific features it’s recommended for closing joints and spacing on the parquet, on wood in general and on all porous material normally used for building.
- Sanding and polishing:
Levigatrice e carteggiatrice Just one machine to polish and sand.
The new rotating sanding machine Tover RC1 is a revolutionary instrument, developed to give the highest performance during each step of manufacturing a wooden floor. The sanding planetary system is controlled by a speed adjuster, allowing to work with 80 up to 2000 revolutions/minute. This way Tover RC1 is extremely aggressive while roughing and, at the same time, fast and accurate while finishing. Tover RC1’s speed adjustment is definitely the strength of this machine. Rotating speed control is possible to get the best balance between strength and speed in every single step of the manufacture. This element, innovative for this kind of machine, goes with the excellent strength and great planetary balance thank to the back wheels support. This way the sanding machine is perfectly stable and is moved just by the operator, who can therefore work easily and safely.
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