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1. VIGEVANO - ITALY new sport hall 1.000 sqm model Sondrio 1
In just 7 days, our company has installed 1,000 square meters of parquet sports model SONDRIO 1, to top it all tracing, basketball court, volleyball, soccer, badminton 2 central fields, and finally the whole surface has been treated with a special paint ST - sKATING rINK ROLLER PAINT fOR pROFESSIONAL ST skating has been designed for skating professional sports flooring on the floors. Specifies the request of the municipal treatment Skating ST will use the gym for figure skating, this is the only gym in Vigevano where you can go skating on floors. Numerous sports that will practice this sports flooring, handball (40x20 regular field), basketball, volleyball, badminton, and school activities of various kinds. The new solid wood flooring sports has dramatically changed the gym making it more welcoming and efficient. The model Sondrio 1 installed is approved by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) tested with certification to EN 14904 EN 13501 fire, also the product is CE marked and accompanied by PDO Statement Performance complies with the new European Regulation 305/2011 in force since 1 July 2013.
VIGEVANO - ITALY new sport hall 1.000 sqm model Sondrio 1