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1. MALTA new parquet Ta' Qali sport hall
We just got back from Malta, where we have installed 750 mē sports parquet for gyms model Spluga within record time: completed in only 7 days, between October 18th and 25th. We have made this wonderful sports parquet floor including game line marking, colors, skirting board and all finishing. Malta, officially Republic of Malta, is an island state in southern Europe, member of European Union. It's an archipelago located in the Mediterranean, within Malta channel, 80 km far from Sicily, 284 km far from Tunisia and 333 km far from Libya, physically included in the Italian area. With its extension on 316 kmē, it is one of the smallest and most populated states in the world. The capital is La Valletta and the most populated city is Birkirkara. The main isle is characterized by a large number of cities that, together with the capital, build a conurbation of 368.250 residents. Ta' Qali is a wide plateau located in the middle of Malta Isle, where the Maltese National Stadium (the National Stadium) stands. This area was the landing area during World War II and then turned into a recreational resort. The National Park also includes an amphitheater. The sport facility is actually an Hangar from World War II, a real historical find, where legendary Supermarine Spitfire (British fighter planes, very popular during the second world war) had their shelter. After military purposes, the building turned into a sport facility, where Malta National Team plays and trains; the structure is also used by local teams and it's so characteristic that could make many art directors' happiness, since it's a natural setting for the so-called urban basket - very popular in America and advertised by Nike with several commercials held in similar locations. The problem in Malta is the high humidity, being an Isle of the Mediterranean. Seicom, with the strong experience acquired in Italy - who actually has similar issues in coast areas - suggested model Spluga. Thanks to the floating understructure, placed on neoprene rubber pads, a great air circulation is granted. Besides, hevea rubber wood (rubber tree) is a tropical species, humidity resistant and therefore an excellent choice for such a not ordinary gym . In the past this facility had an American parquet floor, placed on elastic mattress, similar to our model Sondrio. The constant humidity infiltrations and water from flooding made a real sponge out of this mattress, absorbing water and therefore lifting the sports parquet floor and made it rotten. This kind of issue in unfortunately very common with parquet floors placed on a mattress, which becomes a sponge in case of water, absorbing and gradually releasing it. This causes parquet lifting and decay, together with terrible mold smells because of humidity stagnation. Seicom recommended model SPLUGA because the system is placed and therefore lifted on neoprene rubber pads without direct contact with concrete; the lifted structure is more ventilated, thanks also to the specific skirting board we manufacture and supply. Spluga is surely the perfect solution for sports facilities and school gyms in seaside areas, because it's very strong, ventilated, stable and humidity resistant. Fantastic and highly appreciated is the bright blue color (Ral 5012 "sky blue"), chosen for this installation and manufactured by Seicom. The color has been applied after product Seicom ST 01 Grip promoter, specifically developed in order to enhance color grip and make it last, considering the intensive use of sports parquet floors.
MALTA new parquet Ta