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1. Alleghe Italy new sport parquet floor
Alleghe is a village and comune in the province of Belluno, Veneto, Italy. To the west Alleghe borders with Alleghe Lake, which was formed in 1771 by a landslide from the adjacent Mount Piz. Alleghe's primary industry is tourism. The most popular activities in Alleghe are mountain climbing and skiing. Monte Civetta, Alleghe's tallest peak, is a noted climbing spot, rising to a height of 3220 meters tall. In addition, the lake in Alleghe is a popular destination for ice skaters and ice hockey players in the winter. Reyer Venezia Mestre is an Italian basketball club based in Venice which currently operates men's, women's, and youth teams. Founded in 1872 as the gymnastics club SocietÓ Sportiva Costantino Reyer, it started sponsoring basketball in 1907, and was known for many years as Pallacanestro Venezia. The men's team currently competes in the first-level Lega Basket. They competed for many seasons in the Italian Lega Basket, among which were the two in 1942 and 1943, when they won the championship. L'' Umana Reyer Venice and the Municipality of Alleghe bind together with an important partnership over three years. Thanks to the involvement of local government'' and the Consortium of Tour Operators, the location Belluno it will be the home of the pre-season retreat in the mountains of the first team "orogranata" for the next three years.The sports flooring for gyms installed is the tried and tested model Sondrio 1in solid Hevea product Seicom and installed in many sports arenas floors. This solution is very strong and elastic, provides a uniform and consistent ball bounce across the playing surface.
Alleghe Italy new sport parquet floor