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1. new sport floor SESTO SAN GIOVANNI - MILAN
Supply and installation of a new wood floor for the game of basketball sports 1,400 square meters. SPLUGA model. The seicom removed the existing floor which gave serious problems, so we removed the concrete slab and we have laid a new foundation with concrete to Fassa Bortolo special products and quick-drying, and has taken steps to install the template Spluga. Certainly an important work made ​​possible by the expertise of the administrator of the building which is Seicom Surveyor and therefore has expertise in this type of delivery. The site presents Dov'': via Falck, 110 How much is: Euro 149,440.15 Enterprise: Sport Seicom Parquet Floor Draft: Arch Bruno Micheletti Direct the work: Arch Bruno Micheletti The City Manager: Mr. Andrea Zuccoli Start of work: 07/07/2008 Completion: 10/09/2008 Duration of work: 65 days Surely one of the toughest jobs that we made.
new sport floor SESTO SAN GIOVANNI - MILAN