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1. New Palasport VIGEVANO
Installing parquet sport model BERNA 1,000 sqm main field. 600 sqm secondary field. Sports music and more, in the ducal palace of the city, in fact this hall is multifunctional and will refer to all events in the area. Those arriving from outside the province, perhaps from nearby Milan, in fact, not only can visit the beautiful town square and the Castle, the favorite residence of the Sforza family, but also follow concerts or conferences, attend meetings or events, visit exhibitions and events to cheer sports. ... all in the Palace, a true multi-functional container that arrives to host 5,000 people. The project draws an innovative artwork, beautifully presented in large spaces such as in small details, which meets the technical standard - Sports specified by CONI. The Palace will house a 1,000 sqm main camp, to sporting events or musical events, a field smaller than 600 square meters. which, with its 300 seats in the stands can be used for smaller events and two gyms in the city schools will also benefit. http://www.seicom-italy.com/articoli/vigevano.pdf
New Palasport VIGEVANO