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1. ORADEA Romania Arena Antonio Alexe
Portable floor model Bormio. The Antonio Alexe Sports Center in Oradea subjected to recent renovation now seats 10,000 in a 1,800 sq m area.Seicom was asked to create the new floor using removable parquetpanels, a versatile solution thatp e rmits the multiple use of the building because the panels can be completely removed and then quickly replaced using metal clips. It takes just four hours to disassemble a normal basketball court(600 sq m); here at the Oradea Sp o rts Center, the job takes 12.These Bormio removable parquet panels (the name of the model in production for the past few years constantly perfected by Seicom) w e re also used for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games in the parquet at the Oaka Arena. Antonio Alexe ( 21 December 1969 - January 21 2005 ) was a player Romanian basketball. The last time he played for CSU Ploiesti Asesoft before dying in a car accident.
ORADEA Romania Arena Antonio Alexe