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FIBA Study Center traditional annual meeting with all Partners just concluded.

The meeting was held at new FIBA Headquarters in Geneva - a place that has become a temple - the international house of world basketball.

The Partners'' meeting opened with the Decisional Board session, the Representatives of all categories: parquet, electronics, balls, miscellaneous, etc. In occasion of these meetings, the Partners decide changes to be made to regulations. These changes will be then evaluated by FIBA Technical Commission and, if approved, they will become official during the year and will be then communicated to the Partners worldwide.

Through Study Center, FIBA actively cooperates with the leading Companies in the industry, evaluates new material and constantly improves regulations which will then help improve sports facilities worldwide.

Seicom has been official Study Center Partner since 1997; since then our Company''s been constantly taking part to all meetings and actively cooperating to develop International Standards. Seicom has gained a big experience thanks to International installations over the years; our activity has grown thanks to a constant cooperation with FIBA Central Board.

The main news about SPORTS PARQUET FLOORS refer to minimum standards required for a multi-sport surface; the reference standard is EN 14904: permanent floors are now divided and well classified in level 1 and level 2, 3. The new FIBA regulation sets the minimum standard required for the three levels: a very important development for SPORTS PARQUET FLOORS.

For example: a Level 1 floor must have a shock absorption value EN 14808 minimum of 50%, while for Level 2 and 3 floors the minimum value is 25%.

For PORTABLE FLOORS FIBA CONSISTING OF PANELS the requirements have been set more flexibly because of the peculiar features of this product; vertical deformation EN 14808 goes from at least 1,5 mm up to maximum 5,0 mm, while minimum shock absorption value required EN 14808 of 40%.

Manufacturers are required to provide certificates and test reports showing the required minimum values; besides the manufacturer has to ensure the installation by complying with all procedures and rules set by the installation plan.

FIBA Decisional Board has issued an official document finally clearly stating that the playing surface shall carry equipment such as backstop units, electronic scoreboards and equipment without damages or severe deformation (EN 1569 resistance against rolling load); elements such as scoreboards and backstop units have to be manufactured so that their weight and load is well distributed on a bigger contact area, avoiding all possible risk for the floor, both during games and while moving the equipment of the court.