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HUNGARY - Portable floor 1.800 sqm.

HUNGARY - Portable floor 1.800 sqm.

New and important reference for SEICOM.
Parquet completed in record time - Manufacture and installation of 1.800 sq m parquet for sports facilities - portable system made of panels model BORMIO.
Nyíregyháza is a city with 116.899 inhabitants, chief town of the province of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, in north-eastern Hungary.
Here are the numbers:
1056 manufactured panels
length of the court: 60 meters
width of the court: 30 meters
Total 1.800 sq m
Manufacture time: 30 days (start 2nd October - end 4th November)
Trucks used for the transport: 3
Installation time: 2 days (13th and 14th November)
Game line marking: 15th November
First training session for the Team: Saturday 16th November
Workers engaged for the accomplishment: 18 (manufacture and installation)

Main sport activity: Basketball - First Division Hungary, handball, volleyball
The facility can accommodate up to 3.000 spectators.
First official game: Sunday 17th November 2013

This sport hall is home to concerts, exhibitions and various events; the parquet can be easily disassembled and stored in a warehouse.

The portable floor model BORMIO is very strong, consists of double under-structure and perimetric iron connection: this allows several disassemblies and re-assemblies.
Panels are assembled with screws, therefore it is possible to remove even just single parts of the panels; this detail is extremely important in case of accidental breaking: it is possible to easily replace even the parquet pieces that build up the panel.

The portable floor Model Bormio is approved and certified by FIBA