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 18 June 2013 FIBA inaugurates House of Basketball

18 June 2013 FIBA inaugurates House of Basketball

FIBA inaugurates House of Basketball
MIES, Switzerland - FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, on Tuesday held an Inauguration Ceremony to officially unveil its new headquarters, the House of Basketball.
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More than 400 guests - including representatives of FIBA’s member national federations across its five zones, as well as marketing partners and members of the 2013 Class of the FIBA Hall of Fame - gathered on the outskirts of Geneva for this special event, which took place on FIBA''s 81st birthday.

During an hour-long show featuring speeches and spectacle, distinguished guests Ueli Maurer, President of the Swiss Confederation, and Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), paid tribute to FIBA and the International Basketball Foundation.

"I am convinced that this state-of-the-art facility will send a clear signal in the area of economic development. FIBA''s decision to build its headquarters here serves as proof that this region - and Switzerland as a whole - is steady, reliable and central," said Mr Maurer.

"As President of the Swiss Confederation and as Minister for Sports, this confidence pleases me."

Mr Rogge praised the fact that the building captured the spirit of FIBA entirely.

"I am delighted to participate in the inauguration of the House of Basketball today. The new headquarters represent the spirit of FIBA: solid, universal and dynamic," he said.

"I was particularly impressed by the innovative design of the building shaped like a hand and also designed to look like a basketball net. With the close proximity of Mies to Lausanne, we look forward to continuing our strong collaboration."

While the people in attendance for the Inauguration Ceremony are closely linked to FIBA, its President, Yvan Mainini, pointed out that the doors of the House of Basketball are open to lovers of the sport worldwide.

"The House of Basketball is more than just FIBA’s headquarters. It is a home for all basketball lovers around the world," he said.

"The cultural heritage and history of our sport now has a safe place to be preserved and promoted."

FIBA Secretary General and IOC Member Patrick Baumann explained how the unique design of the House of Basketball stands for the values of basketball’s world governing body.

"The hand shape of the House of Basketball reflects a key element of our sport, as well as a symbol of team spirit and unity. In Mies, FIBA''s identity becomes part of the landscape," he said.

"This building represents our sport organisation, while the woven net structure that sustains it represents all its member federations. It is an investment in the future of our sport."

The 2013 Class of the FIBA Hall of Fame will be enshrined at an Induction Ceremony on Wednesday 19 June at the House of Basketball.

Key facts about the House of Basketball
• Building in the shape of a hand, representing one of the main body parts used to play the sport, as well as a symbol of team spirit and unity.
• Steel structure reminiscent of a woven basketball net and which is representative of all FIBA’s member national federations.
• View on Lake Geneva and the Alps.
• 10 minutes from Geneva.
• 8,500 square metre plot of land.
• 6,250 square metres of usable surface area.
• 120 work stations for up to 90 FIBA collaborators and 30 extra work stations for external organisations.
• 170 tons of steel for the 40 metre-long bridge structure over the Naismith Arena.
• 3,000 square metres of glass windows for the hand-shaped structure.
• Highest standards of sustainability by Swiss label MINERGIE-ECO® for an energy-efficient building.
• Choice of sustainable construction materials respecting the environment.
• 300 square metres of solar panels covering the building’s roof.
• 3x3 basketball court as a “red carpet” to the building’s entrance.
• 1,000 square metre Naismith Arena, a ground floor exhibition space including the FIBA Hall of Fame.
• Over 40,000 objects representing basketball’s history and culture inherited by the Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation in Madrid collected over 20 years.
• Pedro Ferrandiz Library with more than 7,000 basketball books in over 20 languages.
• Restaurant with an 80-seat capacity situated on the second floor of the building and open to FIBA staff as well as neighbouring companies.
Conference centre with eight fully-equipped state-of-the-art conference rooms.
•CHF 25 million – cost of construction of the House of Basketball.
•CHF 10 million – cost of fitting out the House of Basketball.