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1st July 2013 EU N.305/2011 PROVISIONS – Building Products Regulation

1st July 2013 EU N.305/2011 PROVISIONS – Building Products Regulation

The regulation of building products – the so-called CPR, acronym for Construction Products Regulation – is currently completing its transition period. As from 1st July 2013 it will be fully operating.

9th March 2011: the European Parliament and the European Union Board adopt the Regulation (UE) N.305/2011, published on 4th April 2011 on the European Union Official Gazette and effective 20 days later.

Among the innovations comparing to the Directive, we have the definition and use of the declaration of performance (replacing the compliance declaration). The change is not just about the terms, yet it involves a greater completeness and clarity of information matching the product.
Before entering the matter, it’s better to clarify that European EN Standards remains those already operating and issued for CPD Directive purposes.
The Commission will instruct CEN through a task for their revision and adjustment according to the basic requirements, as reported within enclosure no. I of CPR.

The European Union regulations are over-national laws and become operative in all Union Member Countries without being acknowledged by the single Countries (as it is for directives).

CE marking stands for compliance of the building product with the declared performance about the essential features of the product and for fulfilment of applicable requirements of the harmonized legislation within the Union.

Clearer information
When reading CPR articles one can see how the aim of the regulation is giving clarity and completeness to product information data.
It is believed that this care comes from the fact that, so far, there have been many compliance declarations (according to CPD) supplying useful info but, at the same time, giving a general responsibility on the supplied product (which means without info on its features, useful for the project and following installation and managing).
Information can be classified in two groups. The first category is for info about product (description, final use, characteristics) and refers to project stage and tender specifications.
The second category refers to instructions for use and management stage (therefore from installation onwards).

SEICOM SPORTS PARQUET FLOORS has implemented EN 14904 Standard since the first edition of July 2006 (replacing former National standards).
In October 2007 we have prepared the manual for FPC management within the company; all products are inspected and tested according the procedures and documents referring to finished products supplied to customers are kept for 10 years, to guarantee traceability of the product.
All our suppliers must respect procedures and must supply and guarantee products in compliance with performance requirements.

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