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Conditions and Use of a sports parquet flooring

Conditions and Use of a sports parquet flooring


- A sports parquet flooring must be kept in a place with an air temperature between 14° C and 20° C and air humidity value between 45% and 60%.
- Do not cover the floor with sheets or other right after the installation (at least for the first 6 months), in order to allow a homogeneous oxidation of the floor.
- Do not load big weights focused in a single area.
- Always use floor covers such as PVC foils or plywood panels with a thickness of mm 5 in case rolling loads such as movable backstop units or gymnastics equipment needs to me moved. Always make sure the kind of wheel of the rolling loads is made of soft rubber to avoid damages or scratches on the parquet.
- The installation on heating/cooling sub floor, as well as in not ventilated settings could cause swelling or cracking of the wooden elements.
- The floor heating system has to be started up gradually and brought up to the normal use temperature, avoiding sudden temperature changes, which are really harmful for a wooden floor.
- Normal use temperature must not be over 27-28° C; avoid also to cover the floor with sheets, carpets or other material.
- In case of floor heating it’s always better to have a humidification system that keeps all air humidity values between 45% and 60% because this kind of heating normally makes rooms very dry, especially in case of big windows.
- blackening or anomalous swellings is usually caused by water infiltration/dampness from the roof or by night condensation, especially if the roof is not well insulated or made of sheet-metal. It’s always better to carefully check the capacity of the covering in case of wooden floorings, in order to avoid serious damages to the structure.
- UV rays can make the color and the shade of the parquet change in time, because of the natural effect normally called oxidation.


Parquet floorings have to be protected by elements that could scratch or damage the surface (sand, pebbles, not proper wheels etc.).
Besides, all players and the staff using the sport parquet floor (including the cleaning staff) must use proper shoes and have to use these shoes just for the activity on the parquet floor. Therefore the access on the floor must be allowed just to people wearing proper shoes, not used somewhere else for other activities.
The sole of the shoes must be made of soft rubber (leather soles are forbidden) and rubber must be suitable for indoor activities (neither excessive pigmentation nor black marks of the playing surface).


SEICOM Clean Gym “Specific for our sports parquet floors”
Clean Gym is a sanitizer cleanser, specific for sports parquet floors cleaning. It cleans and neutralizes dirt, disinfecting the surface and protecting wood thanks to its peculiar sanitizing formula.

APPLICATION: Pour the quantity of one cap of Clean Gym per each liter of water.
Wash using a damp cloth - well wrung – on the surface to clean. Rinsing not required. In case of persistent dirt, pour pure product on a sponge and clean the surface. Dirty clothes can be easily washed in water.

Aldo Cammarata
Sales & Technical Manager