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Sport parquet Seicom : News 2013

Sport parquet Seicom : News 2013

Research Seicom is continuous, is made ​​on the field, interviewing users, players and coaches, all data obtained are compared with the results of tests and trials, performed in the laboratory using equipment specially designed, just so we can offer the market guaranteed solutions.
The model Sondrio in 2008 had been redesigned and updated to better meet the requirements of the new European regulations, we made ​​changes to the structure warping to make the most flexible, high-performance sports flooring . The new model has been tested according to the new requirements of EN 14904 and certified by the fire and then approved by FIBA, like all our products.

The Series Sondrio is designed for multi sports halls and sports for those who need a big bounce ball combined with a high elasticity and deformation on impact. The numerous references in Italy and abroad testify to the reliability of this system.

SONDRIO: sports floor parquet double warping, very flexible and high performance suitable for multi sports halls, and because of the great flexibility is recommended for use in sports halls where they practice gymnastics for the elderly or amateur athletes, as the great flexibility of this system helps to prevent injuries.

SONDRIO 1: Simple, sturdy and easy to carry, very compact, ideal for large sports hall, recommended for professional basketball saw the big ball bounce of the surface, is also recommended in the presence of mobile equipment due to the high value of resistance rotating loads of this system.

SONDRIO 2: multipurpose gymnasium parquet floor, a very robust solution, the double layer plywood is a guarantee of stability and durability. This solution is widely used in the United States and described many times in the tender (tender) International. Seicom is often invited to participate in international tenders for the supply of flooring for gyms, with this solution, we are in line with what is usually prescribed. Surely the solution Sondrio 2 is the most complete and robust product family series Sondrio.

All models in the series SONDRIO are in possession of the following certifications:
FIBA Meeting Level 1
EN 14904
Fire Certificate (EN 13501)

We are now working on updating the site to make these new models online.

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Sales & Technical Manager
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