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Seicom in Turkey  History of two important installations

Seicom in Turkey History of two important installations

The market of sports parquet floors in Turkey
For Seicom, Turkey is a country “to keep an eye on”: +25% domestic production of parquet comparing to 2010, +11,7% domestic parquet consumption; these data are remarkable, especially with the current financial crisis. That’s why Seicom’s been focusing on Turkey so far, our presence on the Turkish market isn’t an accidental choice.
Among nearby emergent countries within Euro area, Turkey is surely the most interesting. The surface lies on 783.562 km², and according to the latest census (2011) the number of citizens is 74.724.269[1] (Türkstat data).
Turkey and European Union have a particular relationship since 1963, when European Economic Community (CEE) — former European Union— signed the Association Treaty with the Turkish State, called Ankara Agreement. Negotiations for full annexation of Turkey within European assembly have been delayed since 2005.
The Turkish economy has been expanding in the past few years. CIA places Turkey among the most developed Countries in the world. The Country is founding member of OCSE (1961) and of G20 (1999). Since Kemalist Government, Turkey has enjoyed some state interventions, so that economy has gradually modernized as well.
After the crisis in 2001 and after the reformation started by Minister of Finance Kemal Derviş, inflation has collapsed, investments has grown and unemployment has strongly decreased. Turkey has gradually opened its market thanks to some reformations, reducing state inspections on foreign exchange through better privatization control.
Turkey has been collecting foreign investments for about 19,9 billions dollars since 2006. The several privatizations, the constant economic growth and structural changes in banking, commercial and communication fields have made national and foreign investments grow.
Competitors are strong and rooted in Turkey, especially German and American companies. Seicom is getting valued for high quality products, the service and the constant presence on the territory. Seicom’s not afraid of challenges: we’re used to dealing with big realities, we can rely on the high qualification within sports parquet floors field and on international experience gained during several years of important references.

Aldo Cammarata
Sales & Technical Manager

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