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Insurance guarantee sports facilities

Insurance guarantee sports facilities

Insurance guarantee on parquet for sports facilities use
Allianz Ras guarantees our parquet floors for gyms and sports centers.

Seicom has reached and important agreement with the Insurance Company Allianz Ras. It's a warranty on the sports parquet floors manufactured and installed by our Company. Our Customers are now guaranteed by a "Products Public Liability” covering all public risks may occurring in case of damages or parquet collapse caused by manufacture defects.

Our Company already used to issue this kind of guarantee, which was written by the builder and has always been supported by our valid post sale service - distinguishing Seicom within sports floorings sector since ever. To safeguard our Customers we decided to reinforce this engagement, since we strongly believe in post sale, in certifications and in official guarantees every Customer is free to ask for and obtain.

Seicom's choice is to cooperate with the current main Insurance Company in Europe - Allianz Ras - active in 70 countries with over 180.000 employees, and therefore ideal partner for Seicom, considering our the international disposition - proved by several foreign references, growing every year by major installations.

The several national and international references, Seicom's history itself, the certifications issued by major testing Institutes and now also an important products insurance guarantee show our will for a constant research, in order to grant a valid, safe and functional final installation.

We are proud to manufacture successful sports parquet floors and our intention is to keep a good post sale service, as it's always been and will always be in Seicom's philosophy. The public insurance guarantee on our gym parquet floors is a further evidence.

Olimpio Muffatti
General Manager

“A product insurance guarantee issued by a renowned institute is surely an excellent warranty, certifying the high quality reached by Seicom's products, a constant effort in certifying our professional post sale service, also consisting of a wide range of upkeep and cleaning products marked Seicom ”.

Aldo Cammarata
Sales & Technical Manager